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Property Empowerment Series has Benefitted

More Than 1000 Customers & Still Going Strong!

Did you know?

Growing Your Wealth Using Properties

Making profit through properties is not a rich

man’s game. Many are unaware and amazed that

with a household income of $7,000 (no other debt/loan & 30years loan tenure), they are able to purchase a $1mil property! And with a household income of $14,000 you can purchase a $2mil property. 


As long as we have the financial knowledge, growing wealth using properties as a vehicle is achievable!

Below are some examples of how much the buyers of these properties have made on average!

First Time Buyer

BTO / Resale HDB / EC / Private Propert

1st step is the most important. Not only it is buying a home, but also it is the start of accumulating one of your biggest pot of wealth. Understand what it means by asset progression & learning some of property investment strategies will help you to prevent making mistakes & giving your the short cut in property growth. Many of our new buyers gain clarity and start off with their “correct” purchase after 1-2 consultation with us!

HDB Upgrader / Restructuring of Property

Asset Progression for Retirement Planning being part of our Empowerment Series, is our signature dedication to our clients. This is the first thing we will do upon meet up.
Properties are not an-everyday-item due to its huge quantum, so every move is important. With calculated risk & profit detailedly indicated to you using our PropNex proprietary Investment Suite Analytics, you are in control of your path towards Retirement Planning & networth growth.

Selling of Property

(Increase the chance to sell higher than valuation)

For selling of properties, we have you covered!

From video production to digital marketing, our exclusive platform has already done more than 200 Properties home tour videos!

Your property will be showcased in all 4 major social media - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & TikTok, to increase the eyeballs for higher viewership.

In addition, we will also be featuring your property on property portals for even more exposure. With increased exposure comes more viewings and an increased chance of a higher offer for you! (PropertyGuru,, SRX, Edgeprop)
We Have Sold More
Than 1000
We Have Sold More Than 1000 Properties!
Types of Properties Empowerment Series Relates To :

Contact Us To Start Your

Asset Progression Journey

With Property Empowerment

Series Now!


We keep in touch with all our clients minimally twice a year. A long term relationship is what we believe in & advocate. Many of our customers have been with us for many years, handling not only their properties but their family members & friends’ properties as well!

What is Property Empowerment?

Property Empowerment Series is a set of strategies curated to provide personalised property planning with clients’ best interest being the priority.​


Our Objective: To achieve financial freedom for the average Singaporeans & networth growth for the ultra-rich. This is definitely possible with careful execution and step by step milestone checked & attained using our Property Empowerment Series.

Clients who will benefit
from the Property Empowerment Series

Active Investor / Buying Your 2nd or 3rd Property

Property Empowerment Series comprises a deep dive into Singapore URA Masterplan to uncover which are the upcoming Hot Spots of Singapore and their future potential.

Property Empowerment Series also encompass Star Buy New Launches, showflat visit & analysis which we analyse are good buys in today’s market.

These 2 components allow you to make an informed decision for both Resale Properties & New Launches.

Get Free Indicative Home Valuation &
A Copy Of Brand New Launches for 2023!

Going The Extra Mile For You!

Free Indicative Home Valuation & Brand New Launches of the month will be provided for you for your asset progression planning. 

We will also be tabulating for you Singapore’s lowest priced condos!

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