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Max Ang

Max Ang C.K

Contact No: 92781688

Associate Executive Director

CEA Reg NO: R006678A


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"True honest and sincere services" - is what I provide for all my clients.


Hi, I'm Max Ang. As a professional real estate consultant, I provide all matters relating to Property Marketing, Sales, Rental, Purchase & Investments. I am very active in local and overseas developers' projects; therefore I am determined to provide you with a wide variety of new launches that are sold directly from the developers. 


My services cover you through the whole process - finding the property, negotiating the best price, making the offer and closing the deal. I am here to help you with everything to make the best real estate decision in your life.


For further enquiries, feel free to give me a call @ +65 92781688

“真诚和诚实的服务” - 是我为所有客户提供的。


嗨,我是麦斯 Max Ang。作为一名专业的房地产顾问,我提供与房地产信息,销售,租赁,购买和投资相关的所有事宜。我在本地和海外开发商的项目中非常活跃; 因此,我决心为您提供各种直接从开发商处销售的新产品。


我的服务涵盖整个过程 - 寻找房产,谈判最优惠的价格,提出要约和完成交易。我来这里是为了帮助你做一切,以便在你的生活中做出最好的房地产决定。


如需进一步咨询,请随时致电 @ +65 92781688

Max Ang

Max Ang C.K

Contact No: 92781688

Associate Executive Director

CEA Reg NO: R006678A


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I am currently the Senior Associate District Director of a Resale Division in Singapore, with more than 20 years of Resale experience in different segments of the Real Estate Industry of a further 6 years in Team Building and Training.



I am leading a team of 68 Associates with committed professional Salespersons who are proactive and well versed in HDB, Private Properties, Landed, Commercial, and also New Launches Projects covering all districts and most of the Estate in Singapore.



I am working with a portfolio of clients who varies from Muti-National Companies (MNCs) to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from the HR Dept.



My ultimate aim is to build and create a fair and transparent sales system with lealty environment of sharing and focus target of success that lets all Team-mates to excel and grow a team with up - to date training and activities Programmes.



Together with my Team (JUSREAL) and my Team Managers, we have won countless Awards and Accolades both for Personal Sales and Team Building Award for consecutive years with the team effort.



I have won numerous awards in both Personal Sales Performance and Team Performance from 3 Top Real Estate Agencies in Singapore. 


  • 2020  Top 10% Achievers @ OrangeTee

  • 2019  Champion Star Performer Award @ OrangeTee

  • 2019  Top 10% Achievers @ OrangeTee

  • 2018  Formed PCA with a group size of 1600 plus associates

  • 2017  Top 8 Senior Associate District Director @ OrangeTee

  • 2016  Top 6 Senior Associate District Director @ OrangeTee

  • 2015  Appointed As Senior Associate District Director @ OrangeTee

  • 2014  Top Senior Division Director & Promoted to Vice President @ HSR

  • 2013  Top 3 Senior Division Director @ HSR

  • 2012  Top 5 Senior Division Director @ HSR

  • 2011  Promoted To Senior Division Director @ HSR

  • 2010  Top 3 Division Director @ HSR

  • 2009  Promote To Division Director @ HSR

  • 2008  Top 5 Recruiter @ HSR

  • 2007  Top Team Manager @ ERA

  • 2005  Start Management Roles @ ERA

  • 2004  Top 30 Champion among 4000 Agents @ PN

  • 2003  2nd Runner-Up in JN Groups @ PN

  • 2002  Break Records with 78 Transactions @ PN

  • 2001  START My Career Path as Associate Realtor

Max Ang 92781688
Max Ang 92781688
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