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BSC-Business Solution Centre at Jusreal OrangeTee

Google Drive Support

> OrangeTee Google Drive

   Go Division Google Drive


Leaders Email Consultation Channel

> Prvate email consultation with Leaders

   (Only Non-Urgent Business Cases and with documents to be examined)


External Projects

> Projects Brief

   Site Tours


Bulk Sourcing

> Vendor Sysytems

   Merchandise - e.g. T-shirts and gifts


Team Sharing

> Coming together to learn from each other and share good practices; Generating Ideas and Solutions


IT Support

> IT Support Every Wednesday between 2pm to 4pm on 16th floor;

   Work @ Home;

   OT Apps

Chat Communication

> WhatsHELP!! - WhatsApp Group strictly for Biz Comm

    WhatsSOCIAL - WhatsApp Group for anything social


External Training

> CPF Policies and Regulation Updates

    Legal Talks by Lawyers

    Specialist Training by Vendors


Alert & Advisory

> CEA Policies and alerts;

    Latest Industry Developments;

    News & Happenings


External Agents Networking Nite

> Social Games - Badminton, Table Tennis, Bowling, Cycling

    Foodies Nite


Project Brochures

> OT Project Brochures Library (1st level Business Centre)

   Go Division Project Library (Private Collection)


Procedural Guidance

> Flow Chat, SOPs, TDSR, ABSD, BSD;

   Sample letters (eg: Novation Letter, Deeds);

   Best Practices, Procedures and Process (PPP)


Lead Generator



Learning & Going

>Positive Monday Talk;

  Monthly GO Division Meeting



>Smart Wednesday Achiever's Talk

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